DurgMol Informatics believes that innovation is always highly creative requiring continuous and endless effort with the application of intelligence and limited only by imagination. We are dedicated to set a new landmark in the innovation, services in Drug Discovery arena.


Generating Hits and Leads are the path for the creation
of the successful new medical entities. Approaches and the adjudication done during lead
generation process determine the outcome and the success rate of lead optimization and
clinical development.
With the passion and desire of innovating new leads for life we combine all modern tools
and technique into an integrated process and had taken modern drug discovery to a new level
of sophistication..


Modern designing must be cost effective flexible, and it should meet the demands of producing high-content lead series with improved prospects for clinical success. This program helps researcher to participate as team members in drug discovery projects and promote the development of efficient strategies to solve global challenges of curing various infectious diseases


We are the leading professional network in Life Sciences, connecting academia and industry. We invite Researchers, Clinicians, Business Developers, Executives, Marketers, Technology Transfer, Regulatory Affairs, QA/QC all to share there life time experience.


If you have any sort of knowledge on a specific topic or drug, or you have the desire to research a specific topic or drug, than please feel free to contribute.